SEKAR GROUP is a group consists of companies that are well known as pioneer in the food business. It began as marine products trading in the city of Sidoarjo, East Java in 1966. Today the business has developed to different variety of frozen & dry processed food with the leading group’s umbrella brand “FINNA®”.


Based in Indonesia, the country is well known for its variously rich fisheries and other marine products. Diverse plants and animal live in the gracious & prosperous land, which is also rich in cultures. The fertile land provides the best vegetables, nuts and fruits. Sekar Group respect the natural treasures of Indonesia by processing it as wise as can be to provide quality food products and to care for natural resources for raw material continuity. Some of Sekar Group’s production are frozen marine products (shrimp, fish, value-added seafood), Kerupuk Udang (shrimp crackers), Seasonings, Cashew Nuts & many more.


Quality Food Product is our aim in our production. With quality material we obtain from our qualified suppliers, processed by our competent and well-trained employee, we focus on improving the quality life of all our customers by offering good quality food. Hence, we believe producing quality food improves people’s quality of life. Our products are available to be enjoyed by our valued customers in Indonesia and around the world.


These achievements of Sekar Group inaugurated by the entrepreneurships spirits that the owners has. These motivate each company to keep expanding its capacity in order to compete & maintain leading in market. Together with our partners we welcome the future.

Jl. Raya Darmo 23-25
Surabaya, 60265
Jawa Timur
Tel: 031-5671371
Fax: 031-5672318
E-mail: info@sekar.co.id

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